Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Progress is addicting

Progress is addicting. It's like crack. One sniff and you're hooked.

Sad, though, that it's come to this. SuperMegaCorp now values process over progress. How we do things is more important than doing things. I have a great new feature that will make users happy, generate a ton of sales dollars, and I'm probably going to have to scale it back because I can't fit everything in. I have to follow process that slows me down. The anchor is around my neck.

I had a flash of progress yesterday, when I finally got a neat bit of functionality to work. It left me craving more. Then today, I'm crashing back to earth. I wasted an hour on a shitty code review tool. I wasted another hour reading an obsolete document on server unit test setup. Now it looks like tomorrow will be a write-off as I try to get the unit test support structure taped together. By the time all that happens, the spark is gone.

Don't get me wrong - having no process is not the answer. Having a process that helps get things done, instead of standing in the way, is the answer.

Anyone need a software developer? Lots of experience. Works fast, when equipped with the proper process.


  1. Anonymous10:29 pm

    Wanna learn Java??

  2. I tried Java once. That'll kill you, man. Oh sure, it starts easily enough. Install Eclipse, and away you go.

    Then one day you find yourself growing out your hair in dreadlocks. Wearing Birkenstocks, even in the winter. Drinking chamomile tea. Smoking clove cigarettes. Wearing hemp clothing.

    It's a slippery slope.